Assisting women educators in need

SGBI has been providing assistance to women educators since 1843. We exist to support women who have worked in the field of education who are in hardship and need financial support.

Our charity was originally set up to help “schoolmistresses and governesses” but we accept applications from women who are, or have been, teachers, classroom or learning assistants or have worked in any role in an independent school. This includes academies and free schools as well as private schools. You need to have worked at least 5 years in the role to qualify for assistance.

We give grants to our beneficiaries when they are in need and we carry out a financial assessment to ensure that we give our funds to those most in need.

Most of our grants are for specific items such as TV licences, kitchen or laundry appliances. We are flexible about the purpose of our grants, however, so please look at the further information on the page about applying for a grant.

"It is a great comfort to know that my heating is secured for the next few months. The weather has been very rough and it’s good to know that the heating can be turned on."

"I am more grateful than I can say that you have made me a grant to cover the cost of my car repair. It has lifted such a worry off my shoulders ..."

Consultation on changes to SGBI: please let us know what you think

We are planning to change our charity to ensure that we deliver the widest possible public benefit in line with our original objects. Owing to the limitations on SGBI imposed by our Royal Charter and the Governesses’ Benevolent Institution Act 1952, the group of people working in education to whom we can be of service is restricted. In particular we can only work with women and those working in independent education.

The Board has reviewed the role of SGBI and is considering making the following changes:

  • Making SGBI into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation rather than one incorporated by Royal Charter.
  • Changing the objects of the Charity so that we can be of service to men and women who work, or who have worked, as educators of under 19s in any setting.
  • Including the provision of advice and commissioning research within our charitable objects.

We believe that these changes will make the Charity more effective for beneficiaries in the education field as it is now. The change to Charitable Incorporated Organisation will modernise SGBI’s corporate governance.

We are keen to hear from you if you have any views about these changes and about how you believe that SGBI can be most effective.

Please send any responses to (Please enable JavaScript to view this email address)